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Lookout based methods will always have one major flaw which is the human input aspect of it. A human will always make mistakes, need a break, have issues at home, feel the cold etc.

Hazards Of Using Lookout

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Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS) & Semi-Automatic Track Warning Systems (SATWS) systems are not subject to those humanistic qualities that lead to inadequate safety measures. These treadles based solutions are planned and installed to a high standard following all Network Rail rules and regulations. The system is SIL3 rated, meaning that statistically a failure can occur 1 in every ten thousand years, whereas sites working under Lookout assisted protection recorded 137 near misses in 2016 alone.

Currently, a large amount of railway principle contractors simply overlook the ATWS/SATWS as their preferred Safe System of Work. The company has designed a dedicated campaign to warn of the dangers of working under Lookout and how utilising a treadle based solution, such as ATWS and SATWS, can help to ensure that ‘Everyone [Returns] Home Safe Everyday’. For more information about treadle based systems or to arrange a demonstration of the systems, please click here.

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