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Our job is to ensure your rail sites are the safest in the UK. Amongst our various safety critical services and contingent labour options we are proud to offer validated psychometric testing to assess an individual’s capacity to maintain concentration on routine tasks.

How Does It Work?

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The test enables you to see whether your candidate has the ability to focus their attention on a variety of tasks efficiently, without becoming bored or distracted and compromising safety. The candidate moves through a series of repetitive tasks, with each task demanding a higher level of concentration, requiring the candidate to remain vigilant and attentive throughout. The tests and associated validation studies are undertaken by accredited members of the British Psychological Society. The tests predict an individual’s propensity to lapses of concentration and the likelihood of safety incidents, results for your candidate will be profiled against scores for their equivalent peer group.

Benefits Of Testing

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  • Increases the likelihood of employing the right people for the role
  • Assessment of existing workforce being considered for new roles
  • Reduces the likelihood of safety critical incidents
  • Increased productivity by having the right skills and competencies in the right role
  • Reduces cost caused by high turnover of staff, lost working hours and safety investigations
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