Trackside and Tunnel Lighting - Rail Safety Solutions

Rail Safety Solutions are experts in the installation of Trackside and Tunnel Lighting. With safety being the main priority on-track, the lighting systems we install are designed to ensure that poor visibility is not a contributory factor in accidents.

Lighting Your Way

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All lighting systems will then be installed by our PTS Certified Staff, and overseen by the supervisor who is a fully trained COSS, all of whom have completed a rigorous training program before being allowed to work on a lighting site.

The lighting can be installed prior to possession of the track. This can speed up access to the tracks and ensures that maximum productivity can be achieved. Our staff will also maintain and modify the lighting as required throughout the shift to ensure safe working (this can include moving or adding lights as conditions change, etc.) At the end of the shift the Rail Safety Solutions personnel will dismantle, remove from site or make safe all lighting equipment as required.

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